About Me - El Jefe B Photo

Hello, my name is Jeff and this is my website where I share my photos for everyone to see. My style of photography is more on the photojournalism side in which I try to capture real moments as they unravel in time. Basically, I enjoy taking candid shots of people and events! 

I am a USMC veteran and a student of: I/O Psychology and Graphic Design. I've been told I have a very warm vibe and am easy to work with. 

I have shot many events in the realm of music and wish to share this with everyone who would like to see!

I also have a great team of photographers who are able to meet your needs such as: Weddings, Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Portraits, Graduations, Fashion Look Books, and whatever else you may need!

Feel free to send me an e-mail at: INFO@ELJEFEB.COM for quotes, questions, or concerns!

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